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Obtaining a loan for your new Orange County home or investment property is an important step in the real estate purchase process. Because there are so many consumer loans on the market with different rate structures and fees, you need an experienced professional to consult with you and assist you in determining which loan is best suited for your needs.

When searching for a mortgage lender, you want a quality lender, not necessarily one that focuses only on rates.  Fantastic low rates generally mean excessive fees and other hidden costs. 

Experienced and reliable lenders should be able to provide you with information on a variety of financing sources including FHA, VA, FNMA or FHLMC, be able to tell you within a matter of days if you will pre-qualify for the loan you have selected and provide to you in writing the lender’s policy regarding the “locking” in of rates and fees.

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ACTS Mortgage Services is tailored to today’s savvy consumer.  ACTS’ online financial center provides calculators to figure payments, affordability, and more! 

And our licensed loan officers have the experience necessary to furnish you with a professional mortgage consultation and even assist you in pre-qualifying for a loan before you begin your property search in Orange County.

There is much personal gratification and contentment in living in a home that you own!  Owning real estate as your primary residence or for investment is an effective means to create personal wealth...and build financial security for you and your family.

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