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Charity Support with ACTS Realty Services


On our website you will find Compassion in Action that hopefully will inspire you to get involved in your community.  At ACTS, we believe that every man, woman and child can make a real and meaningful difference by volunteering time, offering their talents and committing finances to those churches, non-profit and charitable organizations they feel the most connected to and have a passion for helping.

 We are dedicated to providing our clients, neighbors, and friends with the inspiration, resources, and connections to put their Compassion into Action…right where they live…in the communities of Orange County.

Orange County is one of the most wonderful areas to live in…in the world!  Compassionate and giving individuals and families are key factors in establishing and maintaining a strong, healthy, and vibrant Orange County communities…and ACTS would be glad to help you define and direct your desire to reach out to those most in need of your talents and resources. 

For More Information on our comprehensive real estate services, and how you can financially support your church or favorite non-profit organization…at no cost to you!

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